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The Ebbsfleet United Walking Football Team

In 2016, trials were held to see if a Walking Football Team could be created. Various matches were played which suggested there was support for this new venture. For the 2017/2018 football season, Ebbsfleet United have now entered a team in the Kent Walking Football League.

The Ebbsfleet Team is administered and run by the Fleet Supporters’ trust in conjunction with the Ebbsfleet  Football Club Management.

The Kent Walking Football League has 6 teams taking part who are: Kings Hill, Herne Bay, Dover, Margate, Bay City (based at Sandwich) and Ebbsfleet.

Who can play? Anyone over the age of 50 and we now have 14 signed up players.

How are the games played? Very similar to 5 a side football, except you are not allowed to ‘Run’. Games are 20/25 minutes each way and have 6 players with an additional 4 subs who you can put on and off as many times as you like. Sometimes the games are played with 7 players.

What does it cost? There is an Ebbsfleet registration fee of £15.00 per player for the season and a £1.00 one-off registration fee to the Kent Walking Football League.

What is this money for?  So far the team has used the money to pay for training balls, training shirts and training cones.

Football Kit?  Each player is supplied with a full (Home) kit of shirt, socks and shorts. Individuals have to supply their own boots and shin pads. An away kit (hopefully sponsored) is currently being investigated.

Training. The team has begun regular training sessions to pull everything together and improve fitness. This is held at ‘Goals’ Green Street Green Road, Dartford, next to the Leigh Academy from 7.00 to 8.00pm. The cost is £7.30p per player per night.

What’s happened up to now?  We lost our first three matches, drew in a friendly and won the last game! We are a new team, but going in the right direction.

Who do I contact and where can I get more information? Print off and complete the form below, or contact Chris Judge, the Co-ordinator email: judgece66@aol.com Tel: 07765 663 258 or details from Steve Boem at the Fleet Supporters’ Trust Hut or in the Kuflink Stadium shop.


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Ebbsfleet United V Kings Hill (from West Malling) Monday 18th March 7.00pm kick off.

The Ebbsfleet United ‘Whites’ Walking Football Team won a crushing 10 nil victory over Kings Hill at Goals Dartford Football venue on Monday night 18th March. The win moves them up to 4th place in the Kent Walking Football League, just one position behind the other Ebbsfleet ‘Reds’ team. Co-ordinator Chris Judge said, “We actually scored 8 goals because two were own goals by the opposition due to defensive and goalkeeping errors, but sadly for Kings Hill they all count.” The League win was a significant move forward for the Fleet ‘Whites’ team because player-coach Gary Wilson has put in a lot of additional training on tactics and player positioning. Just like in any game of football irrespective of age or gender you have to get this right to be successful. Judge added “The nine-man team consisting of 6 players and 3 roll on and roll off substitutes knew exactly what they all had to do. We kept our positions, strategy and marking very well and our keeper Lee King saved every single shot to maintain our first clean sheet. We were ecstatic.”

In a tense atmosphere, the Fleet got off to a flying start with Paul Hook scoring after nine minutes. He was followed by Judge scoring the next four minutes later. Then more goals by Hook and Judge meant Fleet were four nil up at half time. The Fleet team then switched players for the second half, but each knew what they had to do and positions to protect. Fleet defender Robin Counter then scored 3 minutes into the second half and then Kings Hill let in a goal from one of their own defence shortly after. Pete Gill then scored one minute after that with newcomer Ian Twaits scoring his second goal in the League to make it 8 nil. A concerted effort was then devised by Fleet to maintain this score with Judge replacing Gary Wilson for the last ten minutes of the game. Judge then scored again and sadly Kings Hill let in another howler to give Fleet a 10 nil victory which is virtually unheard of in the Kent League. The Kent League is drawing to a close with the other Fleet team ‘Reds’ also playing Kings Hill at Goals Dartford Friday 22nd at 7.00pm. Admission free.




Fleet reach final of FA People’s Cup!

The Ebbsfleet over 50’s team reached the final of the Kent Regional qualifying rounds of the 2019 FA People’s Cup held at Play Football Gillingham on Saturday 23rd February. A total of  9 teams took part who then had to play each other in a knockout tournament. Ebbsfleet entered 2 teams in the five a side non-stop contest. Fleet Co-ordinator Chris Judge said, “We entered two teams to hopefully give us a better chance to qualify and mix the players up from our usual squad to even things up a little.”  Many of the teams were part of the Kent League who were all out for glory, but Fleet Team ‘A’ got off to a flying start with a 3 – 1 win against Medway with goals from Mark Stapley, Paul Cox and ‘Gazza’ Gary Wilson. They then followed this up with a 4 – 0 win in game number two against Margate with another goal from Stapley (who is usually a defender) and a hat-trick from Wilson! They drew their third game 0 – 0 and then beat Maidstone 2 – 0 in the fourth, with Wilson again scoring both goals.

The other Fleet team ‘B’ lost their first match against Maidstone United 4-1 with newcomer Paul Hook scoring his first goal for the Fleet, but bounced back with a 2 – 2 draw with Bay City in the second with goals from Pete Gill and Jeff Forster. This was followed up with a dominant performance in their last game against Margate with the Fleet taking a 7 – 4 victory with another four goals from Forster, 2 for Paul Hook and one from Pete Gill. The Fleet results out of their two different groups meant that both teams had come top and therefore qualified for the semi-final. Chris Judge said, “This was fantastic as we then knew we would have a Fleet team in the final!” The Fleet semi-final was then won by team ‘A’ 4 – 2 with goals from ‘A’ being scored by Stapley (2), Wilson and Team Captain Robin Counter. Goals from team ‘B’ both went to Pete Gill. The Cup Final was then against Maidstone and Fleet ‘A’, where Maidstone won 3 – 0. Chris Judge said “We were delighted to go all the way to the final and score an impressive 23 goals in the competition. We all had a great day in this National Competition and if Garry Hill wants to sign any of us, sadly we won’t be able to do more than 20 minutes each way without a couple of gaviscon shots…..”



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West Ham over 50’s Tournament – Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Ebbsfleet Nearly “Hammered” the Irons!

The Ebbsfleet United over 50’s Football Team qualified for the final when they took part in another West Ham Premiership football club tournament on 2nd January, held on the ex Olympic ground football pitches situated outside the West Ham London Stadium.

The team, who are also regular attendees at Ebbsfleet National League games at the Kuflink Stadium, consisted of  Mark Stapley, Dave Munn, Gurch Gill, Steve East, Gary Wilson, Dave Bobby (Goalie), Manjit Atwal, Chris Judge and newcomer Ian Twaits. Ebbsfleet got off to a flying start in game number one by beating Walton on Thames 2 – 0 with Atwal and Judge scoring. West Ham were out in force with two strong teams where their first team beat Ebbsfleet 1 – 0 in tournament game number two.

However, in the third game and second encounter with the other West Ham team, Ebbsfleet held onto a 1 – 0 win with Manjit Atwal again scoring the only goal for the fleet. All the other teams were knocked out, so the final tournament match was between West Ham and Ebbsfleet, which resulted in a nil-nil draw. With no injury time or added time allowed, the tension then went to a penalty shoot-out! Ebbsfleet over 50’s co-ordinator Chris Judge said: “Sadly, West Ham managed to beat us by just one penalty to win the tournament, but we were still delighted to actually get that far in the tense competition. “We so nearly were presented with our trophies on the pitch at half time in the stadium in front of 54,000 where West Ham were playing Brighton and Hove Albion. Apparently, Gareth Southgate has been on the phone already”…..

The Ebbsfleet Squad have now entered the FA people’s Cup in February. This is a National competition with regional qualifiers.

Full details of the Ebbsfleet Walking Football initiative are available in the Fleet Supporters’ Trust office at the Kuflink Stadium or email Chris Judge at: judgece66@aol.com


Hammered with two wins!

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The Ebbsfleet United Walking Football team scored two wins against West Ham when they played the hammers in an invited tournament on 3rd November. The Fleet provided two teams named ‘Reds’ and ‘Whites’ and consisted of  7 players for each side, that travelled up to the Premiership Stadium in Stratford to do battle with two teams from West Ham. Each team had to play each other and in the first match, Fleet Whites lost 6 -1 with Gary Wilson scoring our only goal. However, the second whites match produced a 2 -0 win with Manjit Atwal and Chris Judge Scoring. Team Reds got off to a flying start with Paul Cox scoring both goals in a 2-0 defeat for the hammers but just lost out in their second match with a 1.0 defeat. Co-ordinator Chris Judge said, “It was clear we took a while to get going as none of us had played on this larger grass pitch before, but we soon got our act together and sorted out our positioning.” The last match had Ebbsfleet Reds versus Ebbsfleet Whites where Gurch Gill scored the only goal to win the day for the red team. The tournament was therefore decided on combined goals scored where the fleet missed out by just one goal as the final score was West Ham 7 to the Fleet’s 6.

Chris Judge added “It really was a fantastic opportunity to be invited to play at West Ham. We were given tickets to view the Premiership match later in the day and the whole experience was really first class. This invite again demonstrates how the Fleet Walking Football team are getting wider recognition and we know that many other similar invites are coming our way.”


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