The Chairman’s Musings

The Chairs programme notes of wit, wisdom and eternal optimism, from the pen of  John Burgess.



Good evening everyone and welcome to our first evening game, hopefully our
unbeaten run will have continued at Havant on Saturday. In front of a large
contingent of travelling supporters. The team are playing some great football
and getting the results they deserve.

At our recent Fleet Supporters’ Trust Board meeting the details for the
weekend away were finalised: it will be from Friday 31st March 2023 until
Sunday 2nd. April 2023 for the game against Taunton Town. The hotel will be
Taunton East Premier Inn, Bridgwater Road. The cost will be £90 per room per
night so for a twin room it will be £45 per person per night on a bed and
breakfast basis. The cost of the coach will be £45 for Fleet Supporters’ Trust
members and their partners and £50 for non-members. This makes the total
cost per head for a member £135 and £140 for non-members. A deposit of £25
per person will be needed to confirm a booking but bookings can be made with
me at any time. We have provisionally reserved thirty rooms this year so plenty
of room for you all.

You may notice the volunteers putting out the practice goals before the game
and checking the pitch for divots at half time. Their efforts, along with the
volunteers who man the car park, are very much appreciated. If anyone is
interested in joining them please contact me either in the Trust Office or by
calling 07951 610878.

Bookings can be made for the games at Hungerford and Oxford; please try and
book as early as possible in order that we can judge the size of coach needed.
The response for away travel has been great and there are a number of new
faces appearing on the coaches.

Along with a number of supporters I attended the presentation regarding the
new stadium development on Tuesday 6th September when an update was
given concerning progress towards the application for planning consent. It was a very informative evening and was reported by Kent online – but it was my
wife, Christine, who thanked Dr. Abdulla for all he has done for the club and
for ensuring its survival. – not me!

Well enough from me so let’s all get behind the team and cheer them on to
another three points. UP THE FLEET!


Good afternoon everyone I hope you are all looking forward to the visit of Bath
City today.
Saturday’s trip to the seaside at Concord Rangers resulted in a well deserved
three points to keep everyone happy. I think Fleet fans outnumbered Concord
fans by about 3 to 1. It was great to have to arrange for two coaches to take
Supporters there.
Bank Holiday Monday saw the visit of Dover Athletic and everyone in the crowd
saw a very confident and competent performance by The Fleet to earn
another well deserved three points and keep that unbeaten run going. Long
may it continue. Now it is the turn of Bath City to try and break the fantastic run
of wins.
It is very pleasing that several new Members have joined the Fleet Supporters’
Trust and there have been a number of new faces on the away coaches which is
great to see. Remember it only costs £10 to join and that entitles you to a £5
off every away trip you make. Membership forms are available at The Trust
office in the Old Stand.
Bookings are being taken for the trip to Havant and Waterlooville on Saturday
10th September please book as early as possible so we can judge what size
coach is needed or if we need more than one! Bookings are also being taken
for the trips to Hungerford and Oxford. All bookings can be made at today’s
game or by contacting me or Tracy between 0900 and 2000.
Just a quick reminder that Ebbsfleet Women are playing here tomorrow and
are well deserving of a good attendance. Last Sunday saw them win 4-0 away
from home.
I hope to be able to publish details of the away weekend to Taunton as soon as
possible so keep an eye open – they will be posted on our website and
The observant amongst you will have noticed that the volunteers in the car
park and doing goals and pitch repairs are wearing high viz vests with the Fleet
Supporters’ Trust logo on – this was an idea mooted by Mike Martin to raise the
profile of the Trust – it certainly does that – so thank you Mike.

Well I think that’s enough from me, so let us get behind the team and cheer
them on to another three points and extend that unbeaten run! UP THE FLEET


Good afternoon everyone and welcome to today’s game. The trip to
Eastbourne proved rather eventful but The Mighty Fleet came away with a well
deserved three points.
Our home game against Farnborough yielded another three points and four
goals. That meant we were top of the table and the only side in the League
with a 100% win record.
Hopefully, as I’m writing these notes before our trip to Concord Rangers
another three points will have been added to our tally.
The performances so far this season have been good and the right outcome
has been achieved against some strong opposition long may it continue.
Away travel is being really well supported and a few teething problems have
been resolved. Please note that bookings made over the phone or by text to
John or Tracy should only be made between 0900 and 2000. Outside of these
times there may be no response. Also please note that card payments cannot
be accepted over the phone. Bookings can be made at the Trust Office in the
Old Stand on match days and card payments can be made there.
Bookings are now being taken for all away games in September so come along
today and book your seat – remember if you join the Fleet Supporters’ Trust
which costs a tenner you can get that back on just two away trips. That has got
to be worth it!
Early booking is recommended as it will help us to judge what size of coach we
need in order that nobody is disappointed by there being no seats available.
Having attended the last two women’s games I can thoroughly recommend
that you all make every effort to get along to their games. They are most
entertaining and a great display of football.
Match day volunteers are always needed to help the club especially with the
car park and helping to put out the training goals before and after the games. If
you are willing to help or want to find out more about what is involved please
get in touch with me.

I hope to have details of our away weekend soon and will publish them as soon
as I have them. The weekend will definitely be to Taunton for the game on 1 st
April 2023.
Well that’s enough from me for now so let’s get behind the team and cheer
them on to another three points. UP THE FLEET!


Hello everyone, well the trip to the seaside at Weymouth brought back three valuable points but must have caused a few nervous moments with the winning goal coming so late in the game. Let’s hope this victory is a sign of things to come as we progress through the season.

Hopefully the trip to Eastbourne on Tuesday will have proved as successful so we enter today’s game with nine points under our belt.

Away travel has been well supported and bookings for Concord on Saturday 27th August are going well. Please book as early as possible as it helps us arrange the appropriate size of coach for numbers travelling – this helps to minimise the cost of travel. Bookings can be made at every home game in the Trust Office in the old stand or by contactingTracy on 07764 731633 or John on 07951 610878. Just a reminder that alcohol is not  allowed on away coaches and nor is the use of foul or abusive language.

Away travel cards are available at the Trust Office giving details of cost and departure. By joining the The Fleet Supporters’ Trust – costing £10 for the year – a reduction of £5 per trip applies so your investment is returned in just two trips – what great value for your hard earned money! Forms are available in the Trust Office or for the technically able amongst you it can be done online.

It was a great experience watching the Ebbsfleet United Women play Chelsea Academy recently and I thoroughly recommend as many of you as are able get along to the Kuflink Stadium on 21st August when they play their first home League game. The Fleet Supporters’ Trust are exploring ways to assist and support this great initiative.

One noticeable feature of the 850 crowd was the lack of abusive language both on and off the pitch – a fine example for all supporters to follow. It makes for a much more enjoyable experience especially when there are bigger numbers of young children present. These young fans coming with mum and dad are the future supporters of our great club so let’s all make an effort to moderate our language.

Well that’s enough from me so let’s get behind the mighty Fleet and cheer them to another win and three valuable points. UP THE FLEET!


Welcome everybody to the first game of the season, hopefully a successful one. The pre-season friendlies have been a useful preparation for the upcoming season.

The news of the possible redevelopment of the stadium has been a great boost pre-season so let us hope it comes to fruition and we get to enjoy a state of the art stadium in the next few years.

During the close season Kevin Spencer has left the Fleet Supporters’ Trust Board. Thank you Kevin for the hard work you put in during your time on the Board. We are always looking for new members to join the Board so if you are interested please get in touch. Younger blood is needed as some of us are not getting any younger!

Away travel arrangements for the new season are in place and I am pleased to announce that we will be using Grange Travel this season. The Board considered quotes from a number of local companies but it felt that Grange were competitive on price and had a wider range of coach capacities.

Prices have increased this season but are still extremely good value considering the rising cost of fuel. There are three groups this season Group A which are £20 for Members and £25 for non members; Group B which are £15 and £20 and Group C which are £10 and £15.

If you want to enjoy the cheapest away travel then join the Fleet Supporters’ Trust for £10 which you recoup on two trips!! Application forms can had at the Trust office.

Away travel cards are now available at the Trust Office in the old stand. Bookings can be made, as before, at the office on match days or by contacting Tracy on 07764731633 or John on 07951610878.

The walking football section are going from strength to strength and have a very large membership. We wish a speedy recovery to Tom Sharkey who suffered a suspected cardiac arrest whilst playing recently. If you are interested in joining please enquire at the office.

It was a wonderful first to watch the Ebbsfleet United Women play a great game after the Colchester friendly and their performance combined with the Lionesses’ tremendous win can only ensure a bigger and better following for the womens’ team.

The Fleet Supporters’ Trust will once again be sponsoring our Manager, Dennis Kutrieb, for this season and also Darren Mcqueen.

I found it very disturbing that flares were still very much in evidence at the FA Charity Shield game on Saturday – this despite the recent warnings from the FA. The use of flares in football grounds has no place and is an utterly mindless act. The best way to stamp this out is for other supporters to self police by  identifying those responsible to the Club or stewards. Let us hope that we see no more of this behaviour at Fleet games.

On the subject of behaviour I would point out that the use of foul or abusive language is on the increase; many supporters who bring their young children to matches find this very offensive so please try and moderate your language. Again self policing of offenders is the best way to eliminate this problem.

So onto today’s game let’ get behind the team and cheer them on to a first win of many as we begin another season of football.



Hello everyone, a somewhat disappointing two weeks since my last notes with two defeats which is not what supporters were hoping for. The defeat by Hungerford was the forerunner to a very disappointing trip to Folkestone.

Despite the difficulties of congested roads the supporters’ coach got there in time for the scheduled kick off – a bit of local knowledge helped to avoid the 25 minute queue at Brenley Corner: the team coach was not so lucky being held up in heavy traffic on the M20 and A20 resulting in the kick off being delayed by about an hour.

There’s not much to be said about the game but the food was excellent – until it ran out!

The return journey was also subject to road closures meaning we had to return via the M25 only to find the Ebbsfleet exit was closed! Leaving the A2 at the Tolgate everyone thought we would go via Coldharbour Road but the driver decided to go via the town centre only to find that the road was closed near the station meaning a return via Perry Street. Those on the coach enjoyed a round Kent trip visiting the road closures – at least everyone was laughing and had forgotten the dismay of the result. This coach was subsidised by a legacy left to The Fleet Supporters’ Trust by the late David Preston.

Today sees the start of voting for The Fleet Supporters Player of the Year. Voting slips will be available at the Trust Office, the 50/50 sales desk and in the hospitality suite and also the Social club. Please write the name of your chosen player clearly on the slip. Voting will also take place at the game on 30th April with the presentation being made at the game on 7th May.

Coaches are going Concord on Easter Monday 18th April leaving at 1230, Tonbridge on Saturday 23rd  April leaving at 1330 and Billericay on Monday 2nd May leaving at 1230: bookings for all three can be made at the Trust Office today or by calling me on 07951610878 or Tracy on 07764731633.

Chris Toon, Chris Judge and John Snow continue to do great work at the ground and Chris Toon, who has joined the FSTBoard, has  drawn up a list of works to be done during the close season. We have a list of a number of volunteers but are always looking for more so if you want to add your name to the the list contact us with your details. The more help the better there is something for all ages and abilities.

As I  am writing these notes before the trip to Welling let us hope that a return to winning ways was found and we have three more points to keep us in the play-off positions. We must get behind the team whatever happens and cheer them on as they strive for those all important wins; so let make ourselves heard today and cheer them to another three points. UP THE FLEET!


It’s been a very long time since I got an email from Ed giving me a deadline to write notes for The Fleet Supporters’ Trust page in a programme. Little did anyone realise that the successful weekend spent at Hartlepool would be the penultimate game of the 2019-2020 season. The last game at Halifax on Saturday 14th March 2020 would prove to be the only live televised match in Europe – that must be a quiz question in the future. Those stalwart supporters who made the long trip saw a well-deserved win even though it wasn’t to be enough to keep The Fleet in the National League as the season was decided on points per game.

Our return journey that evening involved picking up three players from the motorway services when the team coach driver ran out of hours! A rather bizarre ending but little did we realise it would be the last time we would see those players as the covid pandemic brought the Country and football to a grinding halt. The attempts to run the 2020-2021 season failed and it was declared null and void without Fleet supporters being able to attend any games.

Fleet Supporters’ Trust Members had their membership automatically renewed for the season to August 2021. Volunteers carried out sterling work throughout this period – assisting with games under covid protocols and undertaking much work around the ground. A hearty thanks to all involved – too many to name – but they all know who they are.

The Fleet Supporters’ Trust supported the Club throughout and provided materials for work around the ground and paid for a set of new gates for the Swanscombe End entrance. It has been wonderful the past few weeks since restrictions were eased to attend live games and support the squad Dennis has built during the friendlies. Just meeting old friends and being able to socialise together has been great and giving vocal support has created the atmosphere missing for so long

The Members office and bar are now open you can renew your membership there. Away travel can also be booked there or by calling Tracy on 07764 731633 or John on 07951 610878. Our first away game is at Chippenham – bookings are being taken – full details are on the Fleet Supporters’ Trust website and away travel cards giving details of times and costs for each game can be collected from the office in the Old Stand. Fish and chips after the game have been arranged by the Codfather!

Our 50/50 draw tickets are now on sale at home games and from today the Golden Goal tickets will return. Please support both of these as they are an important source of income for us. Having the correct change will be very helpful. The winning tickets from the Arsenal game – 40079 and the Southend game – 40214 – have NOT been claimed. If you have either ticket please contact me on 07951610878 or visit the office on match day. As many of you know Peter and Maggie Danzey are no longer at the Club and on behalf of all Fleet Supporters’ Trust Members and all Fleet Supporters we send them our best wishes for the future.

Well that’s enough from me so let’s get behind the Fleet and cheer them on to a win and three points. UP THE FLEET!


Good afternoon to you all, hopefully everyone has got over the disappointment of the trip to Chippenham being cancelled. Let’s hope all concerned are on the road to recovery. The coach was almost full and Fleet fans were eagerly anticipating the game following the great result and superb performance against Tonbridge. The attendance for the opening game was fantastic. The only bonus was avoiding the chaos caused by the A2 road closure!

Today has been designated a Memorial game to enable Fleet Supporters to pay their respects to those Supporters who have passed away during the past 18 months. Those known to each of us will hold a special place in our memory and all were a part of the Fleet Family and will be greatly missed; we should also remember those stalwarts from the past who are no longer with us. It is especially fitting that this tribute is made on the 75th anniversary weekend.

The winners of the 50/50 draws for the following games have not yet been claimed – 31/7 v Arsenal no 40079, 7/8 v Southend no 40214 and 14/8 v Tonbridge no 40549. These can be claimed today at The Fleet Supporters’ Trust office in the old stand or by contacting me on 07951610878. Check those tickets!!

Bookings for the game v Chelmsford on 30/8 can be made at the office today. Bookings can also be made for any way game during the season by coming to the office or contacting Tracy DOWN on 07764731633 or John BURGESS on 07951610878. Cards giving details of all away games are available from the office. If you renew your Fleet Supporters’ Trust membership before 31/8 you will be entered in a draw for shirts from the 2019/2020 season.

The traditional away weekend is being investigated and is likely to be the weekend of 5/3/22 v Bath City. The details have to be put before the Fleet Supporters’ Trust Board meeting and, if confirmed, will be published in my notes for the game v Havant and Waterlooville on 4/9/21. Well I think that’s enough from me lets watch the game and cheer the Fleet to another three points! UP THE FLEET!


Good afternoon to you all, what a start to the season for The Fleet – two games, six points and eight goals! Those supporters who weren’t at the game on Saturday missed another solid performance by The Fleet against a physical Hemel Hempstead side.
The cancellation of the trip to Chippenham was a disappointment but better to have been told before than discover the presence of covid afterwards. Once the new date is confirmed details of coach travel will be announced.
Hopefully, by the time you read this a further three points will be in the bag after the trip to Chelmsford. The coach was fully booked and I know some fans were disappointed that they couldn’t get on the coach but the moral is to book early. This season bookings can be made in advance for every away trip.
The trip to Hampton on 11th. September is already well subscribed and there will be the usual after match fish and chips arranged. Looking further ahead The Fleet Supporters’ Trust Board agreed at their recent meeting that the away weekend will be for the game v Bath City on 5th March 2022. Departure will be on Friday 4th and return on Sunday 6th. We will stay at The Bath City Centre Premier Inn, 25 rooms have been reserved and the cost will be £92 per room per night plus the coach travel. If you are interested book early with me either on match day or by ringing 07951610878. A deposit of £20 per head will be required.
The 50/50 draws for Arsenal – 40079 and Southend – 40214 have still not been claimed. The winning ticket for Tonbridge has been claimed but at the time of writing these notes the Hemel Hempstead ticket – 40680 has not been claimed. The winning number is always on the Fleet Supporters’ Trust website and on the board on the wall opposite the Social club. Check those pockets for the winning numbers.
Don’t forget to renew your membership at the office on match days. The lucky winners in the draw for shirts amongst those members who renewed in August will be notified in the next two weeks.
Well that’s enough from me, enjoy the game today – I shall be keeping an eye on proceedings from Devon as I am away – but I’ll be back for the trip to Hampton. UP THE FLEET!


Once again it has been a couple of weeks since I last wrote notes for a home game; however, travel seems to suit the team who have done well away from home in the League playing some very attractive football.

The FA Cup game at Leyton Orient saw the team playing great football against higher-level opposition but without the victory which would have put them into the next round. I’m sure all those 900 or so who travelled in support of the team would have enjoyed the football they saw. It was great to have to organise four coaches to take many of them across to East London and to sign up new Members for The Fleet Supporters’ Trust.

The trip to Hungerford saw only one coach, which was a little disappointing, as the football the team are playing, is deserving of great support. What a game it was; the Fleet getting to 4-1 ahead before a spirited fightback by Hungerford gave us all a nervy final ten minutes before we bagged another three points. This made for some great singing on the journey home after the fish and chips!

I am pleased to say there is only one room available for the weekend to Bath in March 2022, so if you want to join us please contact me. If you have already booked but not paid your deposit please do so before the end of November.

If you have recently joined or renewed your Fleet Supporters’ Trust membership or have mislaid your membership card please come to the office today or on Tuesday night to get a new membership card.  These cards will be needed to gain admission to the Annual General Meeting in December.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Fleet Supporters’ Trust Board please speak to me or any Board member.

Bookings are being taken for the away trip to Oxford on Tuesday 30th November departing at 2.30pm.

Well, enough from me, let’s all get behind the team today and cheer them on to another three points! UP THE FLEET!


Hello all, I am writing these notes on Monday afternoon to meet Ed’s deadlines! So as my crystal ball isn’t working I hope we gained a further three points on Saturday against Welling. I am sure there will be a great crowd for tonight’s local derby which will make for a great atmosphere inside The Kuflink Stadium.

The FA Trophy draw has resulted in a short trip to play Cray Wanderers. This will be a chance to see some former Fleet favourites again – Danny Kedwell, Andy Drury and Cookie – are amongst their players. A coach will leave Stonebridge Road at 1.15pm on Saturday 27th November so make your booking via Tracy or myself or pop into the office tonight.

The Annual General Meeting of The Fleet Supporters’ Trust will be held on Thursday 9th December 2021 in the Hospitality Suite in the new stand. Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Please note that this is open to members only and production of a current Membership card is necessary to gain admission. If you haven’t got a current card or can’t find it please come to the office for a replacement. If you want to join in order to attend you must do this before the date of the meeting. Please make every effort to attend.

New Members are always welcome and the cost of the yearly subscription is recovered by making two away trips so is very good value. If any Members would like to join the Board please contact me or any Board Member.

Bookings are still being taken for the trip to Oxford on Tuesday 30th November 2021 leaving at 2.30pm. It is hoped to arrange fish and chips before this game.

Throughout the season, Volunteers will be needed to help at home games, if you are interested in helping with car park, reception or putting out practice goals please let me know and I will add you to the list. It is a very rewarding way to assist the club.

That’s enough from me so let’s make plenty of noise and cheer the team on to another three points tonight. UP THE FLEET!


Hello all, I am writing these notes on Sunday night to meet Ed’s deadlines!

Since I last wrote any notes The Fleet has recorded four defeats in consecutive games which is disappointing but it just proves what a competitive league this is. The game in the FA Trophy against Cray Wanderers also showed that Leagues below us have teams able to play good football. Despite these disappointments Fleet Supporters still get behind the team and will continue to do so I’m sure.

On behalf of The Fleet Supporters’ Trust, I must apologise for the hiccup for the coach to Dulwich. A misunderstanding resulted to the coach ordered not turning up at the scheduled time; meaning Tracy had a coachload of supporters waiting to get to the game. I wasn’t going to the game so being at home managed to arrange a replacement coach at very short notice from Grange Travel and then Murphy’s law came into play and the Redwing coach arrived just before it! Suffice to say all arrived safely to see the game! A big thank you to Bryan at Grange Travel.

The Annual General Meeting of The Fleet Supporters’ Trust was held on Thursday 9th December 2021 in the Hospitality Suite in the new stand – details will be given in my next notes.

One room is still available for the weekend in Bath from 4th March – 6th March 2022. Contact me if you are interested.

The Fleet Supporters Trust are the match ball sponsors for the game on 28th December 2021 v Billericay. Gold Members have first refusal on places but if any Member is interested in enjoying this hospitality please let me know.

Throughout the season, Volunteers will be needed to help at home games, if you are interested in helping with the car park, reception or putting out practice goals please let me know and I will add you to the list. It is a very rewarding way to assist the club.

That’s enough from me so let’s make plenty of noise and cheer the team on to winning ways and another three points.  UP THE FLEET!

Hampton Notes

Hello everybody it seems a while since I last wrote notes for a programme.

The mighty Fleet reached the top of the table to give a bright start to 2022 but unfortunately, that didn’t last as they lost to Dorking in a game which showed great promise to be a closely fought contest between two evenly matched sides but the actions of a referee keen to show his cards to Fleet players ruined the game as an even contest. The ten men did well to hold the score to 1-0 at half time but events went downhill in the second half and with The Fleet reduced to nine players the score of 5-1 didn’t represent the level of the two teams had the game been played out as 11 a side.

The level of support travelling to Dorking was fantastic so let’s hope those lucky enough to get a ticket for the game at Maidstone had a better result to celebrate.

One game doesn’t define the season but all upcoming games now take on a greater value in the chase for that elusive automatic promotion place.

Looking further ahead there will now be a day coach travelling to Bath on Saturday 5th March so if you want to travel please book at the Fleet Supporters’ Trust office or by contacting me or Tracy. The cost is £20 for Members and £25 for non-members.

The electronic scoreboard has reached the end of its working life and the Club are arranging a replacement to which the Fleet Supporters’ Trust has made a contribution of £2000. Hopefully it will soon be in place; I understand it has enhanced features that will make it a great addition to the ground and improve the spectator experience. We should be able to put the 50/50 winning number on there!!

After today’s game the oft postponed sponsors night is being held in the Sponsors lounge this should be a great evening.

The recent Q&A session was popular and was enjoyed by those who took part.

Away travel is being well supported and bookings can now be made for the trips to Havant and Waterlooville, Bath City and Braintree Town; just visit the Fleet Supporters’ Trust office on match days or contact me or Tracy.

If you want to travel and aren’t a Fleet Supporters’ Trust member if you join you will save the cost of your £10 subscription on the first two trips. So pop round to the office and complete a membership form.

Congratulations to Steve EAST on his winning a Volunteers award – well deserved. Volunteers are always welcome and are doing a fantastic job around the ground not just on match days.

Enough from me let’s get behind the Team today and cheer them on to another three points towards that elusive top spot!