FST in the community

Towards the end of the 2015/16 Season, the Board of the Fleet Supporters’ Trust decided that it would be a nice gesture to purchase framed pictures of the 2015/16 squad for presentation to the local Pubs that hosted Fans before and after our home games. It was felt that it would be a nice token of appreciation, on behalf of the Fans, and it would show the management of these Pubs that they weren’t taken for granted by us. Mike Martin (as the Board Member with responsibility for local community engagement) volunteered to present them over the weekend of 25/26th June and also to check out the Pubs while there, as well.

The George & Dragon was visited during its Armed Forces Day celebrations (hence Bob wearing a funny hat) Bron and Bob were clearly thrilled with their framed picture and found a spot where Fleet fans usually drink to hang it up straight away.
Clive at the Edinburgh Castle was gobsmacked with his and is planning to put it up on his expanding “Fleet Wall”, he also mentioned that the “Shots for winning goals” scheme may well continue next Season.
Lee at Ye Olde Leather Bottel was really happy with hers and also has a place set out for it she said that she and her Partner (who have only just taken it over) are hoping to get to some matches this coming Season.
Laura at the ever popular Olde Coach and Horses was also really chuffed and said it will look great in the recently opened Games (Pool and Darts) Room at the back of the Pub.
Ron and Helen at the Rose can’t wait for the redecorating to finish so that they can hang their one up too.