SEASON 2022/2023

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DateCompetitionOpponentH/AK.O. TimeResultScorersAttendanceW, D, L
Sat, Aug, 6thVNLSChippenham TownH15:003-0Cundle, Edser, Mcqueen1,065W
Sat, Aug, 13thVNLSWeymouthA15:002-3Poleon, Tanner (2)753W
Tue, Aug, 16thVNLSEastbourne BoroughA19:452-3Poleon, Solly, O’Neill1,403W
Sat, Aug, 20thVNLSFarnboroughH15:004-2Poleon, Bingham (Pen), Cundle, McQueen1,178W
Sat, Aug, 27VNLSConcord RangersA15:001-2Coulthirst, Monlouis556W
Mon, Aug, 29VNLSDover AthleticH15:003-0Poleon (2), Bingham1,765W
Sat, Sep, 3rdVNLSBath CityH15:003-1Poleon (2), Mcqueen1,289W
Tue, Sep, 13thVNLSBraintree TownH19:454-0Poleon (2), Cundle (2)945W
Sat, Sep, 17thFAC 2QDover AthleticH15:002-0Poleon, Jombati1,057W
Sat, Sep, 24thVNLSHungerford TownA15:000-1Edser540W
Tue, Sep, 27thVNLSOxford CityA19:451-1Bingham392D
Sat, Oct, 1stFAC 3QHanwell TownA15:001-2Edser, Bingham (pen)544W
Sat, Oct, 8thVNLSTaunton TownH15:005-0Cundle, Poleon, Edser (2), Bingham1,474W
Sat, Oct, 15thFAC 4QSevenoaks TownH15:002-0Cundle, Poleon1,304W
Sat, Oct, 22ndVNLSWelling UnitedH15:001-1Tanner1,816D
Tue, Oct, 25thVNLSSt Albans CityH19:453-1Hollis, Poleon (2)1,145W
Sat, Oct, 29thVNLSHemel Hempstead TownA15:001-1Paxman625D
Wed, Nov, 2ndVNLSHavant & WaterloovilleA19:450-1Bingham1,251W
Sat, Nov, 5thFACR1FC Halifax TownH15:002-1Edser, Bingham2,099W
Tue, Nov, 8thVNLSHampton & Richmond BoroughA19:451-2Bingham, Cundle458W
Sat, Nov, 12thVNLSTonbridge AngelsH15:001-2Monlouis1,506L
Sat, Nov, 19thFAT R2Eastbourne BoroughH15:000-1N/A829L
Sun, Nov, 27thFAC R2Fleetwood TownH12:300-1N/A2,960L
Sat, Dec, 3rdVNLSSlough TownH15:002-0Cundle, Bingham1,048W
Tue, Dec, 6thVNLSWorthingA19:450-6Poleon (2), O’Neill (Pen), Chapman, Domi, Mcqueen863W
Tue, Dec, 13thVNLSEastbourne BoroughH19:450-2N/A604L
Tue, Dec, 20thVNLSCheshuntA19:451-0N/A561L
Mon, Dec, 26thVNLSDartfordH15:001-4Tanner2,905L
Sun, Jan, 1stVNLSDartfordA15:004-0N/A3,386L
Sat, Jan, 7thVNLSWeymouthH15:004-1Poleon (3), Bingham1,210W
Sat, Jan, 14thVNLSDover AthleticA15:001-2Domi, Bingham (Pen)967W
Tue, Jan, 17thVNLSChelmsford CityH19:452-0Bingham, O’Neil944W
Tue, Jan, 24thVNLSDulwich HamletA19:451-3Coulthirst, Cundle, Mcqueen1,229W
Sat, Jan, 28thVNLSConcord RangersH15:004-1Bingham (2), Poleon (2)1,329W
Sat, Feb, 4thVNLSHavant & WaterloovilleH15:002-0Poleon, Domi1,681W
Tue, Feb, 7thKSC R2Dartford H19:452-1Coulthirst, Mcqueen462W
Sat, Feb, 11thVNLSBath CityA15:001-3Poleon (2), Bingham1,066W
Tue, Feb, 14thVNLSChippenham TownA19:450-0N/A458D
Sat, Feb, 18thVNLSHampton & Richmond BoroughH15:006-2Poleon (3), Bingham (2), Edser1,615W
Tue, Feb, 21stVNLSSt. Albans CityA19:451-2Poleon, Edser1,108W
Sat, Feb, 25thVNLSChelmsford CityA15:000-1Cundle972W
Tue, Feb, 28thVNLSFarnboroughA19:452-2Domi, Hollis701D
Sat, Mar, 4thVNLSHemel Hempstead TownH15:000-0N/A1,647D
Tue, Mar, 7thVNLSWorthingH19:457-2Coulthirst, Bingham, O’Neill, Sterling-James,
Own Goal, Clifford
Sat, Mar, 11thVNLSTonbridge AngelsA15:001-1Wright1,770D
Tue, Mar, 14thKSC QFWelling UnitedH19:452-3Jombati (Pen), Mcqueen402L
Sat, Mar, 18thVNLSDulwich HamletH15:004-2Poleon (4)1,525W
Sat, Mar, 25thVNLSSlough TownA12:300-1Poleon1,211W
Sat, Apr, 1stVNLSTaunton TownA15:000-1Poleon958W
Fri, Apr, 7thVNLSOxford CityH15:003-0Poleon (3)3,131W
Mon, Apr, 10thVNLSBraintree TownA15:003-2Coulthirst, Chapman858L
Sat, Apr, 15thVNLSCheshuntH15:003-0Edser, Cundle, O’Neil1,409W
Sat, Apr, 22ndVNLSWelling UnitedA15:003-2Mcqueen, Wright1,132L
Sat, Apr, 29thVNLSHungerford TownH15:005-0Edser (3), Coulthirst,
DateCompetitionOpponentH/AK.O. TimeResultScorersAttendance
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